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SCORE SWEET ROCK CLIMBING EQUIPMENT while supporting Rock Climbing in Malaysia

It’s that time of the year again. Silly season. When we lament all that went wrong in the year before drowning our woes in the holiday spirit. When we celebrate all the good stuff that has happened and set new goals and resolutions. It’s also time for Camp5’s Charity Auction. This is when Camp5 raids the Lost & Found and puts it all up for sale in the name of charity. This year all proceeds will go to support rock climbing in Malaysia. Every Ringgit from the auction will go to the Malaysian Bolting Fund.

Yep! All the left and abandoned, unloved and forgotten rock climbing equipment will go to a new home. It’s a massive sell-off of some great rock climbing equipment (how come no-one misses this stuff?).  Previously, Camp5’s Charity Auction has raised funds for flood victims, the homeless and the National Cancer Society.

As a policy, Camp5 only auctions lost property that has been in storage for over 12 months. We figure if you didn’t miss it for a whole year, you’re not looking for it, and it deserves a better home. It’s a bumper crop of climbing gear and we can’t think of a better place for your pennies than the MBF and here’s why..


The Malaysian Bolting Fund is a group of passionate, independent climbers, actively developing outdoor rock climbing in Malaysia. They commit spare time, effort and much of their own funds to establishing new routes, re-bolting old favourites and establishing access trails to protect the greenery. You’ll see them out working on their tans (i.e. rock climbing in Kuala Lumpur) pretty much every weekend. KL-ites are a lucky bunch! We have access to some amazing climbing with spectacular views just a short drive from the city.




The fund bolts routes, and organizes clean-ups at outdoor climbing areas. They lobby landowners, the government and other stakeholders to ensure access to crags. Efforts also include educating climbers and the public about sport climbing, respecting the environment and sustainable rock climbing development. All this ensures we get to spend sunny days outdoors climbing safely in mother nature.


Since April, 2013 the Malaysian Bolting Fund has developed over 218 routes and pitches to rock climb in Malaysia.

Aside from bolting new routes, the MBF replaces old, rusty routes and upgrades them. Thus ensuring the safety of all who climb outdoors. It’s physical work and it’s far from cheap! They use only stainless steel or titanium bolts as they need to stand the test of time in harsh outdoor conditions.

It costs about RM700-RM800 to bolt a route. Just for the hardware. That does not include the gear needed to do the job, like a hammer drill, static ropes, ascenders, etc. Labour and time are all on a volunteer basis. The MBF relies largely on donations from private individuals and local businesses. With notable contributions from Camp5, Allsports, Verticale, Corezone, and generous climbers – you know who you are. You can also donate any of your spare change. There are collection boxes located at the check-in desk in all Camp5 outlets.

Donate enough to bolt a whole route and YOU get to name it! That’s a wicked gift idea, don’t you think? You can also donate in-kind by volunteering your time.


Dangerous, rusty, weak bolt. Don’t worry guys, Malaysian Bolting Fund to the rescue!


Good as new. It costs about RM700 to bolt a route/ pitch and it comes out of the pockets of the MBF and private donations. They say golf is expensive. Imagine if your passion was bolting routes!

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted much of the work of the MBF over the last two years. But when Covid restrictions were relaxed this year to allow for outdoor sport, if you went climbing outdoors, especially if you went rock climbing in Kuala Lumpur, you would likely have climbed on a route developed by the Malaysian Bolting Fund. Takun, Batu Caves. Nyamuk to name a few of our local crags.


Rock Climbing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Camino Real” bolted by the Malaysian Bolting Fund at Bukit Takun. I mean… is this for real? Just a 20 minute drive outside of the city and there’s some amazing rock climbing in Malaysia.

So, no better fund to throw your money at this year!

And no better time to score some sweet second-hand gear.


One climber’s loss is another score. This year the Lost & Found spoils are massive! As we were in lockdown last year, we didn’t get to do a Charity Auction. Add to that, this year we are bringing the gear from all four gyms in Kuala Lumpur together. Belay devices, harnesses, chalk bags and shoes! A ton of rock climbing equipment. All up for grabs in Camp5’s Charity Auction.


All those chalk bags! Seriously, how come nobody misses this stuff?!

It’s all on display at Camp5 Eco City. Come in to check the bounty.

All these spoils have been in our Lost & Found bins for well over a year. If you recognise anything as yours. You have a chance to be reunited again. Pay the buy now price and be happy in the knowledge that your hard-earned cash will be supporting the Malaysian rock climbing scene.


We are still living in the time of Covid. Since gatherings and an actual live auction, like those done in the past, is out of the question, we’ve put a BUY NOW price on all items. Still feel it’s a little steep? Drop a silent bid in the box and if no one takes the BUY NOW price then the item will go to the highest silent bid.




As all proceeds of Camp5’s Lost Property Silent Auction this year will go to the Malaysian Bolting Fund in support of Malaysian Rock Climbing, we ask that you bid generously.

So, come over, score some sweet pre-loved cheap as chips rock climbing equipment and support the development of our local crags.

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