Our team are fully committed to delivering what may well be the best birthday party or corporate team outing you've had. We can say that cause we have heard it a lot, and we can say that too, because we have over 15 years of experience.




Whether you are looking for your next company team outing or a where to host your kids' next birthday, Camp5 has plenty of easy options to chose. Our event coordinators have honed their skills to know what you need (before you know you need it). Shoot us an inquiry and we'll take it from there.


Combining climbing, games and good food, our birthday party packages are an easy option for a hassle-free celebration of your kid’s next big day. As climbing comes naturally, you can be assured that everyone can take it up – even the Adults!

Camp5 offers a number of standard party formats and can tailor activities to suit the kid’s age, size of group and ability. Our experienced staff will take care of safety and challenge your kids, ensuring no one is left out. We have an array of climbing-related games and even a mini-competition to choose from.

Programs can be 2 or more hours inclusive 1, 1.5, or 2 hours climbing activity followed by a fully-catered party in the Cafe. The most popular format is 1-hour Climbing + 1-hour Party.

* Prices may vary by location.
* Discounts apply to groups of 20 or more kids.
* F&B will be charged separately according to order.
* Outside F&B is not allowed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you conduct your birthday party program?
    We run our birthday party similar to the 1 hour Try Climbing session. Birthday party booking is an exclusive booking in which you get the booking slot only for your group. We will also allocate experienced staff to rock on your kid’s birthday climbing session.

    How many guides will I have for my groups?
    Our safety ratio is 1 guide to every 5 participants.

    Is there any age limit?
    Participants must be able to understand instructions from our guides. We have had birthday parties for as young as 4 year old and as ripe as a 49 year old man.

    What is the minimum number required?
    The minimum number is 10 participants including the birthday child/children.

    Does the activity fee include food?
    No. Food and beverages are charged separately. Food cost depends on how much food you order. Our birthday coordinator will assist and advise you the quantity to order. 

    Can I bring my own cake?
    Bring your own cake or any food representing cake (e.g cupcakes) will be charged RM20.00.  This fee cannot be waived.

    What kind of attire should participants wear?
    Loose comfortable clothing works well such as sport attires. All participants are advised to bring their own socks to avoid extra charges.


    Just the thought of ascending high above the ground, hanging on to small holds, is already enough to bust anyone out of their shell. Add a medley of games & competition and you have the ingredients for a great team bonding and a fun outing.

    Choose from our popular packages, or we can tailor a program if you have something special in mind. With over 10 years of experience and an impressive client list, you can trust our coordinators will know what you need.

    Our standard packages range from 1-4 hours climbing activity with optional catered meal and drinks from the Eat Well Cafe.

    * Discounts apply to groups of 20 or more participants



    If time is of the essence then team bonding is an ideal way to recharge the team spirit. Consisting of 60-90min fun-filled climbing activities.

    1 Hour Package: MYR 55/person
    1.5 Hour Package: MYR 85/person


    Our team bridging program combine games modules involving individual and group challenges that rely on team work and communication. Typically 120min in duration.

    2 Hour Package: MYR 110/person


    Why not consider offering your staff the option to take up climbing for personal fitness. This option includes the Basic Wall Course, a 4-hour instructional climbing course designed to provide you with the required knowledge and experience to climb in Camp5 as a member.

    4 Hour Package: MYR 192/person

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      Catering RequestedNo Catering Required

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is your corporate team activity like?
      We start with a safety induction and then the fun begins. Your group will have the opportunity to climb top ropes (belaying provided by the staff) and complete some prepared games (station challenges) in this team activity session.

      Do I need climbing experience?
      Our team-building program is designed to be fun for EVERYONE regardless of ability! The difficulty of our challenges vary so there’s something for everyone to have a go at, from beginners to experts. Our staff will also be there to assist those less confident.

      Are we able to climb on our own after the session?
      No. If you are interested in climbing on your own, you are welcome to learn the prerequisite skill climb independently. Please check the Getting Started page for more info.

      When do we need to arrive?
      Please arrive 30 minutes before your session so we can ensure your waiver forms are signed in and ready for briefing.

      Do you have lockers and changing rooms?
      Yes, we have lockers that are free to use. You will need to bring your own padlock to use this locker. If you don’t have a padlock, you may rent it for RM2 at the front desk.  

      Can you also cater food and drinks?
      Yes, our Eat Well Cafe is able to cater to your preference. Be sure to include the order with your corporate program booking.

      What should participants wear?
      Comfortable activewear is best. Jeans should be avoided and definitely nothing too loose. All participants are advised to bring their own socks to avoid extra charges.

      Question not answered?
      If your question was not answered within this FAQ please send an email Our program coordinator will assist you.


      Climbing is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports; that’s because it’s so much more than just a sport! It’s an activity you can share with friends of different fitnesses, it’s a reason to travel to some amazing parts of the world, but perhaps most importantly it’s a gateway to personal development.

      Climbing combines cardio, muscle development and flexibility.

      Climbing requires team work, communication and most of all – trust!

      Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
      Climbing focuses attention, reduces anxiety and promotes fine and gross motor movements.

      Climbing incorporated problem-solving, demanding concentration and determination. It also teaches goal setting and reduces stress.

      Subject knowledge
      Climbing provides a great practical opportunity for applied physics, anatomy and geology as well as environmental studies.


      Camp5 provides schools with the opportunity to incorporate climbing into their Physical Education curriculum. Whether the lessons are held on-site or at a Camp5 Climbing Gym, our staff providers will provide the highest standard of instruction.

      Working to your school’s schedule (weekly, twice-weekly or ad hoc sessions) we’re able to provide custom syllabuses that match the requirements of the school’s exam board.


      Camp5 offers term programs for schools to include in their extra-curriculum activities provision.  Fun-filled and educational, our progressive term programs are tailored to your student’s age and ability. So why not start a climbing team at your school?

      Special discounted rates are available depending on class size and duration of the program. Weekly sessions can also be arranged during non-standard operation hours.


      Camp5 organizes a number of climbing competitions. We’re always seeking to expand participation in competitive climbing among our younger generations and feel it’s important to give students a platform on which to shine!

      Our Camp5 Inter-School Climbing League (CISCL) consists of 2 competitions hosted by local schools, then a third, final competition held at Camp5 Climbing Gym. If you would like to get your students involved in competitive climbing, please get in touch and we’ll send you all the details of upcoming events.


      Malaysia’s outdoor climbing locations are known to very little, yet they boast some of the most breathtaking limestone formations and features in South East Asia. More importantly, they’re the home for adventure! 

      Bring your students to Climb, Trek and Weasel in the natural playground surrounding the limestone outcrop created over 400 million years ago.

      Based just 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur our activity camp is easily accessible to students. Being less than an hour away from an international airport also makes it a highly viable option for international students!

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        My school doesn’t have a climbing wall, can we still start climbing?
        Yes! Camp5 has climbing gyms located around Klang Valley and one in Johor Bahru. If you’re in one of these areas, then you can start bringing groups to a gym straight away!

        My students haven’t climbed before, where do we start?
        We have a number of package programs that can be integrated into the academic schedule. Whether you’d like to start with an ad hoc session or weekly programs for PE or After Schools Activities, we’ve got you covered. Use the enquiry form above to contact us for further details.

        Is climbing safe for children?
        Yes! Climbing is an extremely safe sport, it’s even known to have fewer minor incidents than soccer! Our staff are trained to the highest standards and have safety as their first priority at all times.

        Is climbing a competitive sport?
        Yes! In fact, climbing debuted in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, there are three disciplines that athletes compete in; Lead, Bouldering and Speed. Come climb with us at Camp5 to find out more about these!



        Rock climbing began in the mountains. What better place to experience climbing and push your limits. Camp5 provides programs for all abilities and experiences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a day out of the city; or a regular top-roper looking for something new, or even an indoor lead climber wishing to apply your skills outdoors; Camp5 has you covered.


        Come experience rock climbing in the tropical rainforest. Beyond the tourist template of Batu Caves lies an abundance of limestone crags and home to hundreds of bolted sport climbing routes. Bukit Takun is situated 30 minutes north of KL, the walk to the rock is steep and can be slippery when wet. Solid shoes are highly recommended. Be sure to bring your camera, the views are amazing!

        Designed as an exclusive booking session we tailor the outing to suit your objectives. Absolutely no experience needed. All equipment is provided. Our experienced and certified outdoor Guides will care for your safety. So all you need to do is climb!

        Fee: MYR 700 for 1-5 people + MYR 100 for every additional person.
        Duration: 6-Hours (9am – 3pm)
        Capacity: Minimum: 1 Maximum: 12

        * Fee includes all equipment
        * Fee does not include food/water or transport. Bring 2l fluids and all the snacks you need to fuel your climb!


        Move beyond plastic and ply and put your skills to the test on the terrain that gave birth to this sport. Come explore the outdoors with us, as we venture to locations around Klang Valley, from Damai to Big Hole at Bukit Takun. Climbing on real rock will push you to expand your repertoire of techniques.

        Available only to Camp5 Top-rope level climbers, these guided sessions will allow you to venture outdoors, but with all the familiar safety precautions in place. Top-ropes will be set up for you to climb and our Guides will be on hand to give you beta. Route grades will vary by site, 5a up to 6b.

        Fee: MYR 85/person + MYR 25 (Harness, Shoes & Belay set)
        Duration: 5-Hours (9am – 2pm)
        Capacity: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 20

        * Fee excludes personal equipment (add RM25 for full gear)
        * All participants must be top-rope skilled
        * Fee does not include food/water or transport.


          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do I need to be an experienced climber to climb outdoors?
          Yes and No. For the Outdoor Guided Top-rope program you need to be competent in basic top-rope climbing, however, if you do not have any experience then the Jungle Climbing Experience is for you.

          What to bring?
          Bring lots of food and water, insect spray, and sun cream. Bring a rucksack to put it all in and any gear that you want to bring with you.

          What to wear?
          Wear loose clothing and remember there will be bugs around so you may want to cover up.

          What should I do if it’s raining the day before?
          Provided the contact you gave us when the booking is correct, you can expect us to contact you the day before to confirm the status of the program.

          What will happen if it starts raining while out climbing?
          We will try our best to either re-locate to somewhere that has more shelter or sit and wait it out. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you due to the climbing gods feeling grumpy!

          Can I cancel before the day?
          Yes, check the respective course leaflet for more information.