SAFETY NOTICE : How We Can Keep Climbing and Stay COVID-19 FREE?

In order that we can continue to enjoy climbing and ensure Camp5 remains Covid-19 FREE we have established the following strategies. The principle pillars of our risk mitigation strategies are; hygiene and distancing.

We ask all climbers and visitors to Camp5 to please follow the requirements and adhere to these new policies. Remember, we are all in this together so we all have to bear our own responsibility toward our fellow climbers.

UPDATE 14TH OCTOBER: In accordance with the CMCO Camp5 will close all KL and Selangor State outlets from 14th - 27th October.

UPDATE 1ST AUGUST: We welcome the return of the chalkbag. Whilst we recommend climbers continue to use an alcohol-based liquid chalk for their own hygiene. Personal use chalkbags are welcome. No buckets. Chalk must be contained in a ball.

UPDATE 1ST JULY: Indoor sports and activity is not encouraged for persons under 13 or above 60 years of age, or OKU. This is an individual recommendation by KBS/MKN. Starting 1st July, if you do wish to climb in Camp5, please download, read, complete and pass back to Camp5 desk staff the appropriate form.


All Camp5 members, will be required to use the MySejahtera app. So if you have not already downloaded it, please do so to ensure a smooth check-in. Go to https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/intro/.

All Camp5 members, will be required to make a reservation before arriving at Camp5. The reservation is for your CHECK-IN time. You can make a reservation at https://reservation.camp5.com/. You may reserve 1 hour - 1 week in advance. Please be considerate. A reservation takes a spot away from another climber so only reserve if you're sure you are coming.

If you are making your FIRST VISIT to Camp5, before you can make a reservation you will need to register online. Once registered you'll be sent an email with your temporary Camp5 Member No. If you dont find or are unable to check your email you can still proceed to make a reservation by clicking the 'Forgot My Member No' link and input the email address you registered with.

Once you arrive at Camp5, present the check-in staff your temporary Camp5 Member No. They will guide you through the process to complete your new Member profile set up and issue you with a Camp5 Membercard.

Camp5 Member registration is FREE and FOR LIFE. You only should need to register once. Even if the last visit you made was several years ago, try select YES on the first question "Have you visited Camp5" and search your past profile to avoid making a duplicate.


The following policies are implemented at all Camp5 outlets to keep our facilities clear of Covid-19.

  • Do not come climbing if you are feeling unwell. You will be denied entry if you are showing any symptoms of flu or fever. If you are experiencing coughing, flu, sore throat and difficulty in breathing please stay home.
  • All climbers and visitors to Camp5 will be require a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5°C will be denied entry.
  • All climbers and visitors to Camp5 will be required to hand sanitize on entry.
  • We recommend climbers use alcohol-based liquid chalk. Personally owned chalk bags with powder chalk is allowed provided the chalk is in a ball. NO LOOSE CHALK. NO CHALK BUCKETS.
  • Capacity restrictions will be applied to locker rooms, so we recommend to come dressed and ready to climb.
  • If possible, avoid using lockers, bring only what you need to climb and keep your personal items with you at all times.
  • Rental equipment stock will be limited in order to facilitate cleaning and/or quarantine times between use. We recommend you bring you own gear to climb.
  • Lead climbing ropes will not be available for rent.
  • Water fountains may only be used to refill bottles. No drinking directly from the fountain.
  • Wearing of face mask is required throughout the check-in process. We recommend wearing mask while inside the facility however wearing a mask whilst actively climbing is not mandatory.
  • Kindly avoid cash payments whenever possible. No cash payments at the Cafe.
  • Santizing spray bottles will be stationed throughout the facility. We encourage climbers to follow posted instructions to clean holds after use.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be stationed throughout the facility. Please make use of them to clean your hands frequently.

In addition to the above, Camp5 will be carrying out increased surface cleaning as well as antiviral fogging everyday after closing.


The following measured are implemented in all Camp5 outlets to ensure safe distancing is practiced.

  • All Camp5 outlets will limit their capacity to ensure against overcrowding. The capacity of each outlet will differ based on the floor area. A live feed of the capacity can be viewed below.
  • All Camp5 members, will be required to make a reservation before arriving at Camp5. The reservation is for your CHECK-IN time. You can make a reservation at https://reservation.camp5.com/.
  • Should a facility reach capacity climbers will need to queue.
  • Should a queue form, priority access will go to prepaid term holders.
  • We recommend bringing guests at off-peak times.
  • Distancing of 1.0m must be maintained throughout the check-in process and whilst waiting to collect or return rented equipment. Queue lines with appropriate standing distance floor markings will be placed where needed.
  • Once inside the facility please maintain a distance. Minimum distance of 1m when seated or standing (non-active) and not less than 3 meters from other climbers on the wall.
  • Camp5 will be removing ropes and/or holds from routes in order to encourage 3m distancing.
  • Spotting is permitted. Please stick to the same spotting partners. If you are bouldering alone, climb with caution and avoid top-outs.
  • Avoid using shower, locker and changing rooms if possible. We recommend to change into your climbing attire before you arrive and shower at home.
  • You may gather in groups of up to 10 persons maximum, provided 1m distance is maintained in your group.
  • Some climbing areas may have set capacity limits. Observe and follow all posted notices.
  • Please be considerate and MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT WHEN YOU LEAVE! If you do not, you might be denying a climber going in.
  • Please try to keep your climbing session to 2 hours. Especially if you see a queue is forming.

Lets work together by staying far enough apart to ensure we all are protected!


Can you be 100% sure I am safe from Covid-19 when climbing in Camp5?

There is NO way to completely eliminate the risk of Covid. Even if we disinfect the entire facility, there is no guaranty that the climber who went before you did not have asymptomatic Covid-19. The same can be said for shopping for groceries, or walking in the street. This is why it is important to maintain your own personal hygiene habits, wash hands regularly, avoid contact with others and touching your face, and maintain a social distancing.

Do you clean the wall & holds?

Climbing hold cleaning is carried out as part of our regular routesetting. We will also be daily spraying of antiviral solution. Along with these and other general hygiene practices we have also switched our powder chalk to liquid chalk with a concentration of 70% alcohol. This way when 'chalking-up' between climbs, you will effectively be hand sanitizing. The liquid chalk will replace our rental chalk at RM3/30ml bottle, this should be plenty for a climbing session.

I have a prepaid Membership, do I still have to queue?

Yes. Although we will give priority to prepaid members (especially those with single gym terms). However to avoid any queue situation we strongly encourage climbers to check the live capacity limit before making your way to the gym. And if you are a member, consider making a reservation in advance. We will do our best to make sure no one is denied access but it requires everyones cooperation and understanding.

Can I still bring a Guest?

Yes. However we do ask that you hold off on bringing any guests for the first month following the MCO, just to give time for everyone to adjust and get used to the new policies. Also, new climbers and guests will not be first priority. If there is a queue they will only gain entry if there are no paid-up members waiting. For this reason we would encourage you to share climbing with your friends on quieter weekdays.

Will there still be gear to rent?

Yes, but stock may be limited as we will be carrying our cleaning and quarantining of gear between use. Maybe now would be the right time to consider buying and owning you own climbing kit. This would also help support the gym.

Are the Changing Rooms, Showers and Lockers Open?

Yes, however there will be capacity limits posted in all changing rooms. Once capacity is reached you will need to queue. To avoid inconvenience, we encourage you to change into your climbing attire before you arrive and bring only what you need.

How long will these policies remain in place?

We don't know. We ask your patience and understanding. As annoying as these restrictions may be, I trust we can all agree that it is better to suffer the inconvenience than to not have a climbing gym to climb in.