Beastmaker Maintainer


The Beastmaker Maintainer is a tool to keep your skin in the best shape possible. Use it to sand off the uneven or hard skin that can lead to tear and splits, the curved profile makes it easy to get into creases in and around your tips.

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The skin on your fingertips is vital to you climbing at your best. Any tears, splits or uneaven bits on your fingers can ruin a day’s climbing and put you out of action for a fair while.

This little bad boy is designed to help you get the most of your skin. You can use it to sand off any uneaven, gnarly bits that appear which can lead to tears/splits. You can also use it to keep old splits at bay by removing the hard crack-prone skin that forms around them.

The curved profile allows you to easily get in and around your fingertips and creases.

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